Window to the soul

windowsmileameliezA Love Hearts stamp I was given by a friend was put to good use during a train journey through Clapham Junction on Tuesday January 22. I left this note in a relatively empty carriage. My stamp skills will get better, I promise, as I leave smiles for more people across the city. Join me in this mission to bring cheer to Britain!


Play it the best you can, Sam

BFInoteOne evening this week I left this note at the BFI on London’s Southbank. The BFI is a fantastic London gem. It’s 90 years old this year and has an extensive archive of films and television programmes, artifacts such as posters, original scripts, letters and other paraphernalia from the likes of Alfred Hitchcock to the Ealing comedies.

BFIposterI stuck the note to a poster of classic 1940 film His Girl Friday, which starred Cary Grant as a newspaper editor who tries to keep his ex-wife – who is also his ace reporter – from getting remarried. Several people walked past and didn’t notice but one girl was looking at all the posters on the walls and stopped to read it. When I went past later, someone had taken it. I hope it made people smile as much as the powerful and awe-inspiring movies the BFI houses make me feel warm inside.

Train of thought


ameliezHere’s a note I left one morning for folks on an overland train to central London on Tuesday January 5, 2013. I’d just finished a chapter of Benjamin Hoff’s The Tao of Pooh when I wrote it.
The carriage I was sitting in was pretty empty apart from a twentysomething man sitting two rows behind me. When I left the train, I looked through the window and saw him go over to the seat where I had been sitting and read the note.