smile ideas

A smile costs nothing but gives so much. The more you give away the more you get back.

Here are simple ways to make people smile, which in turn makes you feel smiles better:

* Leave a Post-it note in prominent places with a cheery message on it. Add the address so people can join in the mission to make people smiles better.

* Set your default face to smile mode. Studies have shown smiling tricks the brain into thinking it’s happy even if you were having a bad day. And when people see you smiling, they’ll smile too – making you feel instantly smiles better!

* When buying groceries smile at the cashier and ask them how their day’s going. Tell them you hope they have a good one.

* In cold weather, have a couple of extra pairs of woolly gloves in your bag to give to anyone you encounter who needs them.

* If you usually have breakfast on the way to work, at least one day a week have cereal/toast/whatever at home and buy a hot drink and hot breakfast sandwich or patisserie for someone who is on the streets. What a lovely start to both your days.

* Keep a stash of a few chocolate bars with you to give to homeless people you see. Ask them their name and tell them yours.

* If someone is determined to get in a queue before you, courteously let them and smile.

* Cook a nice meal for a friend and don’t let them do the dishes.

* If you have a kettle at work, ask everyone if they want a cup of tea and then go and brew up for all. Do this a couple of times a day at least. At first you’ll be the only one doing in but in time others will follow suit and there will always be a cup of hot tea at your desk.

* Offer your seat to someone who looks like they need it on busy public transport. I asked a harangued mum with a toddler if she wanted to sit down. She didn’t as she was departing at the next stop but she seemed to brighten up as she smiled and thanked me.

* Hold the door open for people and give them a cheery smile.

* Smile at yourself in the mirror in the morning and smile as you go to sleep at night.


Do you have more ideas about how to make people smile? Send them in and I’ll publish them with a credit. Thank you 🙂


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